Veteran Brothers Brewing Co. started as an idea, brewed up during one of the many home brew sessions Michael and Darin Echelberger enjoyed during their 12 years of home-brewing.  The idea gained momentum as they were pulled along by their good friends and mentors, Dennis and Daniel Richards of Echo Brewing Co. Frederick, Co. 


Once the decision was made to turn their hobby and passion into a commercial brewery, a name had to be found.  Both Michael and Darin are U.S. Navy vets and remain passionate about our veterans and active service members.  After much debate, and more than a few beers, the name Veteran Brothers was settled on. 


Searching for a location for their brewery, Michael and Darin kept returning to Johnstown, Co.  This growing community maintained that “small town” atmosphere that the brothers adore, and it was begging for a brewery.  They purchased the building and a year-long renovation began on June 2, 2016.  The building, over 100 years old, offered many challenges during renovation but turned out to be a hidden gem in downtown Johnstown.  Almost one year from the start of the renovation, the brewery opened on May 26, 2017, not by chance, Memorial Day weekend.


The brothers have taken every opportunity to celebrate the service of their fellow veterans and current service members in the building.  Details such as the Purpleheart wood inlay in the bar top and each table, the red, white and blue chairs and the 22 hidden army men staged throughout the brewery are but a few reminders of what this place is about.  Each of their brews have names originating in the military services.  The walls were bare on opening day, by design. They are rapidly filling now with scores of items donated by patrons, the brothers are honored to display these items that mean so much to members of this community.


Veteran Brothers Brewing Company’s mission is to provide high quality craft brews, a friendly environment and great service to Johnstown and surrounding communities, while unapologetically celebrating the service of our veterans.


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